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Services at Because You Can include comprehensive diagnostic speech-language assessment, evaluation, and treatment for adults and children with communication and swallowing disorders.

Family members are considered important members of our team. Therefore, parent counseling is included as we formulate the plan and progression of therapy services.

Every individual’s needs are unique and different, therefore, following evaluation and determination of the problem, an individualized plan of care is developed. Recommendations may include individual therapy, in either intensive or traditional episodes or group therapy. Someone who is nonverbal and has attended speech therapy without significant results may be trained to use an augmentative communication device.

We specialize in diagnostic evaluations for pediatrics and adults including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Stroke, including Aphasia, and Dysphagia; Receptive and Expressive Communication Disorders; Articulation/Phonological Disorders; Dyslexia and Language Based Reading Disorders; and Augmentative Communication Evaluations (AAC).

Language and literacy evaluations help to provide a starting point for further exploration of leanring difficulties. Before paying money for tutoring have your child evaluated so that therapists, tutors, and teachers can all work together to target the help that your child needs.

We offer intensive episodes to maximize you and/or your family member's progress in the shortest amount of time, so life can be enjoyed on the outside, not just attending therapy sessions for years and years.

Math and reading tutoring services are available for all levels from K through college by certified teachers.