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Language and Literacy and Dyslexia evaluations are 3-hour comprehensive evaluations. Research shows to make a diagnosis of dyslexia, at least seven assessments should be given, including a language assessment, to rule out any other difficulties your child may be having.


Children with dyslexia are typically above average learners. This is why you, as the parent, watch your child struggle taking 2 hours to do homework that a teacher states should take 20 minutes while the school says they are performing on level. These children, because of their above average intelligence, often become increasingly hard on themselves, stating things such as “I am just stupid" or “ I hate reading”. Many of us parents have heard this mantra as early as kindergarten and first grade.

Language is the foundation upon which the acquisition of reading and writing is based. Even small deficits in learning can significantly impact your child's ability to read and write. A language and literacy evaluation will help pinpoint your child's strengths and weaknesses in learning. With this type of evaluation, teachers and therapists in-school and outside of school will be able to help your child use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.


Let us at Because You Can help you and your child feel successful on your journey toward academic success. Because You Can learn to read with the right therapist and program.  

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Dyslexia/Reading Disorders

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