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Eating and drinking is something we do every day for nutrition. But for those that can no longer eat or drink what they loved because of an incident, it becomes not only a loss of nutrition, but a loss of socializing, friendships, and familiar comforts and confidence in social situations. Traditional dysphagia therapy for adults works, but slowly and over a long period of time. Research shows that intensity is the key to success. If you wanted to lose 30 pounds or gain 30 pounds of muscle, would two 30-minute sessions a week make you into the model or body builder of your dreams?


Here at Because You Can, our adult population meet with our rehabilitation doctor and are evaluated to determine what therapy needs exist. After participating in a Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBS) at one of our local hospitals, you enter into intensive daily therapy for your dysphagia for 8–12 weeks. After this session, your MBS is repeated to determine your success and continued plan.


Let our rehabilitation doctor help you, Because You Can eat again.

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